University of the Creative Arts

The most nerve-racking, heart thumping and mind-numbing experiences come in all forms and at different times of your life. Five years ago I was in 6th Form studying my A-Levels and I did not think that I would be in this situation  five years on. I decided to do a two year Extended Diploma in Art and Design and successfully pass and progressed into a Undergraduate course. I am now graduating a BA (Hons) course in Computer Animation and I am incredibly grateful to have been given this chance.

I will not be the type of person to completely shut myself down over it, it was hard, I'm not skilled enough to be on the same page as half of the talented people in my year but I made it to this point. My grade is pending and I don't know what Honors I'll be getting but I am proud of my success. 

All my work, from the start to the end, can be found here:

It's not the end though, not really. I'm just beginning this journey to really find out what I am supposed to be. I have the skills to get me through and I want to use this time now to develop them, grow as an artist and as a person. 

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